“What the F*ck?” Wednesday

My daughter’s MDO (mother’s day out) held an “end of the year” recital in May (each class sang several little songs), but when we sat down, I was surprised to see a graduation was to be held at the end of the program. “Who’s graduating?” I wondered. I soon found out that it was the Pre-K class. WTF? Who graduates from preschool???

And though it was cute to see all the four year olds in little caps and gowns…

…it was completely ridiculous. First of all, these kids had NO clue what was going on. They had to be pushed on to stage when their name was called. And second, what’s the message there? Congratulations kiddos, you can color in the lines and sing the ABC song! You are on your way!

I have since heard someone speaking of going to a fifth-grade graduation and someone else was at an 8th grade graduation. I realize I’ve been out of high school for a few decades, but the only graduations we had were high school and college. Period.

Doesn’t having several “graduations” before your senior year of high school sort of take away from the feeling of accomplishment? And I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it sounds like the cap and gown industry has a major shakedown going on. It’s not like you won’t buy the attire for your kid’s graduation, right?

Congratulations, reader! You made it to the end of my post, so you have officially graduated from reading my blog today. Please move your tassel to the left as you exit.

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