“What the F*ck?” Wednesday

Yo Gagga Gagga
Okay, it is actually called Yo Gabba Gabba, but just hearing it in the background makes me want to gag. I have a pretty high tolerance for children’s television (I’ve been living with Elmo and the Wiggles for about 1-1/2 years now), but Anabella has moved on to just about every stupid cartoon on Noggin, including YGG, the most annoying show ever. (Well, Barney might still have it beat, but I refuse to ever let that show on my TV.)

So the other day I was doing dishes and Anabella was dancing around to YGG. I look over to see her doing some weird robot dance with this expression on her face.

Of course, I’m like “Anabella, what’s up with that look on your face?” And she says “I’m dancing, mommy, I’m dancing!” I look over at the TV, and sure enough, that’s the dancing face on one scary girl doing a weird robot dance.

WTF, Yo Gabba Gabba? Can’t you afford some decent animators? And please close that chick’s mouth…it’s just vulgar. And of course, Anabella thinks it the funniest thing ever now.

Death at the Pump
I would also like to know WTF is up with people trying to kill me at the gas station? A few weeks back I had an exchange with a woman who kept making cell phone calls while pumping gas. I nicely pointed to the photo of the cell phone with a big “X” through it, and she gave me a go-to-hell look and continued her conversation.

Then last week, a dude pulls up to the other side of my pump. He gets out, starts pumping, then gets back in his car and STARTS it up! As I look around the pump, because I am positive that he didn’t really do that, I see him lighting up a cigarette. Pumping gas into a running vehicle while smoking a cigarette. I totally expected him to douse us all in lighter fluid and start making cell phone calls. Geesh. WTF is wrong with people? Am I the only person who actually fears getting blown up at the gas station? I mean, someone had to die while smoking or making a phone call or whatever, or they wouldn’t have those signs, right?

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