“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

I really don’t know where to start… so many things have made me think “what the f*ck?!” this week.

1. From my personal life …. WTF is up with the manager at the Range Rover dealership acting like he didn’t receive any of the 5 messages Dan and I have left for him over the last three weeks? He blank-faced said “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Really? Are you sure? Cause the message had your name on it. Has there been some catastrophic mishap with your phone system?

2. The ending of The Bachelor. WTF WTF WTF? I really don’t know what I think, or if I even care, but I was shocked that Jason seemed like a nice, normal person … and he wound up being more of a train wreck than most of the others. And he dragged his 3-year-old son into the mud with him. That was BS.

3. Kami (a “dancer”) who left Rock of Love Bus 3 because she couldn’t handle Bret being with other women. WTF? Hello idiot girl, did you not watch the first two seasons? The whole point is for Bret to be with other girls…lots and lots of other girls. And I find it extra interesting that you think a rock star (that term is used loosely in this instance) is not going to ho around with a bunch of skanks when they are all thrown together on a bus.

4. Then there was this lady at lunch. You have to look really closely (as this was taken on the DL with my iPhone) to see that this woman is wearing zebra panties under these white pants. I promise it was VERY noticeable in person. WTF, lady? Who does that? This isn’t Rock of Love Bus … it’s friggin noon at Party City for f*ck’s sake!

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving crazy pills. (An extra one for you, Stasa.)

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