“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

This is my 73rd “WTF? Wednesday” post … and amazingly, it’s the first one that is about me. Although I guess it would be kind of sad to be disgusted with your own ridiculousness more than once or twice a year.

So, here’s the story. In an effort to reduce expenses (and lessen frustration), I decided to switch our Internet and TV service to AT&T. They offer several ways to save money, including consolidating services. After taking stock of our current accounts, here is what I discovered … we have a sh*tload of phone numbers.

  1. The home phone
  2. Rhonda personal cell
  3. Dan personal cell
  4. Rhonda business cell
  5. Dan business cell
  6. Rhonda home office phone
  7. Dan home office phone
  8. Rhonda home office fax
  9. Dan home office fax

If you add my business office phone to the list, I have a total of 6 phone numbers and Dan has 5.

WTF is wrong with us? Why do we have so many phones? I can’t even tell you that last time one of us used the damn fax machine. Alexander Graham Bell is probably turning over in his grave.

And the really ridiculous part is that you can probably only reach me 50% of the time regardless of how many phones I have.

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving … 867-5309.

P.S. The answer to your most burning question — “What’s Scarlett sitting on today?” — is …

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