“What the f*ck?” Wednesday

I’m headed to work this morning, listening to a local R&B station, and the Sean John song “Get Busy” comes on. I’ve heard it before, but I can’t say that I’ve really listened to the lyrics … and not 15 seconds in, I swear I hear my daughter’s name. OMFG … he did not just say “Anabella” I thought. So I listen … and wait … and I hear it again. OMFG.

As soon as I get to work I google the song lyrics and sure enough … Anabella. Telling her to shake her thing. Get jiggy. Get it on. WTF? Anabella isn’t exactly a super-common name. How did that happen?

Here’s a snippit …
Shake that thing miss kana kana
Shake that thing miss annabella
Shake that thing yan donna donna
Jodi and rebecca
Woman get busy, just shake that booty non-stop
When the beat drops
Just keep swinging it
Get jiggy
Get crunked up
Percolate anything you want to call it
Oscillate you hip and don’t take pity
Me want fi see you get live ‘pon the riddim when me ride
And me lyrics a provide electricity
Gal nobody can tell you nuttin’
Can you done know your destiny
Yo sexy ladies want par with us

Please consider this an open letter to the music community … I beg you to write a nice love song/top-40 teeny bopper hit/musak tune using my daughter’s name. I can not tell you how annoyed I get when a middle-aged man sings “Help Me, Rhonda,” but at least that song doesn’t tell me to shake my ass and get “crunked” up.

Why oh why did I not name my child Beth or Mandy or Caroline or Janie or Roxanne …

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