“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – General Moaning and Groaning

Have you missed me? The hubby was gone for 10 days over the past 2 weeks, so my “free” time was spent either sleeping, or caffeinating myself to the point of the jitters. To say it’s a little hellish when he isn’t here would be a bit of an understatement, and any posts would have been me whining about taking care of the kids alone, so really I saved you all from wanting to cyber slap me. So here’s an extra long WTF Wednesday to make up for my absence.

That’s me. Because my Range Rover has suddenly turned into a piece of crap. The “service engine soon” light came on, so I took it to the dealership. I got in my loaner car (which was brand new and had all of 40 miles on it) and it proceeded to break down not 2 hours later. When I got my car back, it drove fine for a few days and then completely overheated and had to be towed to the dealership again. (Luckily the hubby was in it at the time…his payback for being out of town so much…ha!) So it’s back in the shop. The car does have over 70K miles on it, but WTF? This is the 3rd time it has been in the shop this year…twice for the SAME problem. And of course we only have a few thousand miles of warranty left. I am starting to think that cars have some sort of countdown clock to the end of warranty and then things just start falling apart.
I have apparently cursed my daughter with a name that is doomed to be misspelled for her entire life. We intentionally only used one “n” because my husband has some irrational fear of people calling her “Ann.” But now it seems that no one can spell it correctly. It doesn’t really bother me, except when they constantly misspell it at her preschool. Any of you who have or know a kid in preschool knows that I have to put her name on EVERYTHING. This is just a sampling…

It’s practically stamped on her forehead and tattooed on her ass, so it’s kind of irritating that her teachers, who see her name on everything she owns, still misspell it day in and day out. See her name in the middle of this commemorative plate from their class last year (by the yellow flower)? Notice anything wrong? WTF?

I was at Sam’s this week and noticed a bunch of firefighters shopping for what I assume to be supplies for the fire station. It didn’t turn into a “WTF?” until I got in the parking lot and saw them loading their basket of stuff into an actual fire engine. That seems really wasteful to me. WTF, fire fighters? It wasn’t like you stopped by Sam’s on the way back from a fire. And although I respect and admire you more than words can say, couldn’t you guys jump in a car to do the shopping? Driving four Hummers to Sam’s probably would have saved money on gas.

And finally, I am SO sick of people almost killing me while they drive and talk on cell phones. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it seems to be getting worse. Last week one of my neighbors almost had a head-on collision with my dad when she pulled out of our subdivision and onto the wrong side of the divided street while chatting on the phone. She even honked at him and gave him the “WTF?” look before she realized she was heading into oncoming traffic. I almost want to run for office so I could make it my personal mission to ban cell phones in cars. Am I the only person who feels this way? Under my rule, these signs would be posted everywhere!

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