“What the F*ck?” Wednesday … I mean, Thursday

A day late, but with plenty of gravy …

Before you say anything about my high-carb, low-nutrition lunch, please remember I have been eating lots of soup lately and I can’t eat anything healthy (no raw veggies or even most cooked ones, no nuts, seeds or anything high in fiber!).

So I get this yummy to-go lunch and when I get back to my desk I start pulling out container after container of condiments … three gravies and two tarter sauces to be exact.

WTF, Luby’s? I didn’t ask for either of these condiments, and while I appreciate you assuming I wanted them, one would have been plenty. I wasn’t planning to take a gravy bath or have a tarter-sauce facial today.


I would like to say congrats to my friends Kathy and Matt who welcomed a gorgeous little girl on Monday. Her name is Peyton … how cute is that?

And for NCS, some things to go with your toast band-aids.

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