“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – Ladies Only Edition

Just for you ladies! Check out the URLs below for some of the strangest “feminine” products out there.

Don’t want to wear undies, but need something between you and the crouch of your pants? Go Commando!

Sick of tampons? Now you can use a CUP to catch Aunt Flow. If this product had a better “exit” strategy…and if it was flushable…it might not seem as gross.
“Humiliated by female fishy odor?” (I swear that was the text of a Google Ad on a blog I recently visited.) Check out Femanol.
I don’t know anything about curing fishy odor, but I guess Femanol is better than using Lysol as a douche. WTF is up with that?!

And finally, WTF is up with Always Maxipad commercials? Granted, I haven’t had a cycle in 8 months, being knocked up and all, but I still find myself wanting to hurt the person (MAN) who is responsible for their marketing campaign. There’s nothing like having that time of the month compared to a fun ride on a roller coaster with the tag line of “have a happy period.”
Ummm, yeah. Clearly this person (MAN) doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to menstruate. I can honestly say that having a period is many things…inconvenient, frustrating, painful, annoying, embarrassing, but NEVER EVER “happy.” Period.
And if you want to get extra annoyed, go to the website and play some of their “HAHP” games. A**HOLES.

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