“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – Mean Package Makers

We have all been through the problem of finding it nearly impossible to get into a DVD, or some electronic do-dad, or God-forbid, a toy…and I suppose there might be a reason for such tight security around a $10 iPod case…but now the Mean Package Makers have gone too far.

This is the culprit…it’s my prenatal vitamin package.

It’s looks innocent enough. Like one of those packages that you just push the pill through, right? Well, not a chance. You can’t push them through…you can’t even use something tough (like a butter knife) to push them through. I even tried leveraging one against the corner of a wall to no avail. The only way I can get one out is to cut it out with a knife. And I have to do this every evening.

So, to steal a bit from a beer commercial…here’s to you Mean Package Makers. Good job making the life of a pregnant woman just a little harder. The morning sickness, nausea and swollen limbs weren’t enough. Now the little lady feels totally helpless…and just a tad shy of crazy frustrated every night before hitting the hay with the man who put her in the position to need these pills in the first place.

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