“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – More Stupid People on the Road

I’m sure you all know what I am thinking here, but let’s go ahead and say it out loud anyway.

WTF, dude? As if the highways aren’t dangerous enough with all the idiots on cell phones or texting or reading the paper, you decide to pile as much as crap as you can on top of your truck and hit the road?! Did you really look at this before you took off and say, “yeah, that looks safe”? I was too scared to even PARK next to you, much less drive behind you. Geesh.

Ok, I really don’t know what to say here besides WTF? It’s a LINCOLN. Not a Rolls or a Bentley. I do not get this. It looks ridiculous. Period.

First, WTF is an 80-year-old man doing on a motorcycle? And second, if you need training wheels, you should probably consider some other form of transport. I’m just saying.

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