“What the F*ck?” Wednesday – Quit growing up already!

I know people warned me … I should have been prepared, but I feel as though my babies have morphed into little people in the blink of an eye. Anabella is acting like a big sister all the time, and asking real people questions like “How was work today, mommy?” Scarlett is climbing into and sitting in chairs … unassisted. WTF? When did all this happen?

Seriously, just last week Anabella wasn’t doing anything but scribbling with crayons. Now she is making faces … faces with expressions and the correct amount of eyes and everything.

The picture below is me. WTF? I know I could stand to lose some pounds around the middle — and possibly get a tan — but do I really look like a big egg with chicken legs and red hair?

Now this picture of Dan seems right on target. Menacing look … check. Green like the Incredible Hulk … check. Horns … check. Just put some arms and legs on him, and it’s practically a photo.

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving unflattering caricatures.

4 thoughts on ““What the F*ck?” Wednesday – Quit growing up already!

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