“What the F*ck” Wednesday? — Random Photos and a Big “Screw You!” to MORE Magazine!

I have been accumulating “WTFW” photos for a few weeks now…can’t wait to hear what you think.

KRAUT juice? I can not think of one reason why I would need this. Ever.

A fish for a mailbox?

“Antique” ham cufflinks? They will set you back $200. (They were in a fabulous store in NYC recommended by Girl con Queso…and the sales guy was very helpful with taking this photo.)

I would also like to send out a BIG WTF to More Magazine. I was recently opening junk mail and came across a very colorful envelope that said “Act your Age!” Of course that got my attention, so instead of immediately chunking it, I read on…

“Welcome to the one magazine for women over 40 who love to act their age.”

WHA???? I’M NOT OVER 40! What’s wrong with you, More Magazine???? I am 36 thank you very much and I am already having a quasi mid-life crisis, so I really don’t need you telling me to act over 40 when I am still in my 30’s. Jerks.

(Note to anyone 40+….this is not a slam against the 40’s. I am sure that decade totally rocks. I’m just not there yet.)

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