“What the F*ck” Wednesday? — Rude driver edition

Today I say “What the F*ck?” to all the rude drivers I have encountered lately. And by rude drivers, I mean the non-wavers. I hate people that don’t wave. I have kindly let you out in front of me, even smiling and giving you the little “oh please, go ahead” wave, and then you just get in front of me with absolutely no acknowledgement. This happens to me all the time and I hate these people. In fact, I might just start being one of those jerks who never lets anyone out or in or whatever. The non-wavers have ruined it for everyone.

I would also like to say “What the F*ck?” to the mean old man who flipped me off on Thanksgiving Day for no reason. I gladly accept blame (and the bird) when I do something wrong, but it was completely without cause. I was going 65 in a 60…in the fast lane…and this man was going about 50 in front of me. Before I even got close to him, he changed lanes. As I passed by, he flipped me off and then he rolled down his window and shot me the bird for as long as I could see him in the rear view mirror. Maybe his ex-wife was a redhead or maybe he was an environmentalist who has a thing against SUVs, but did he really have to pull out the bird on Thanksgiving?

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