“What the Fuck?” Wednesday – Halloween Horror

I love Target…anyone who knows me knows this to be true. But I have to say that I was a little disturbed when I noticed some of the costumes they are marketing to girls through their Target brand. As a mom of two little girls, this is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder how in the hell I am going to raise smart, savvy, self-respecting women.

What do these costumes say to you?

“Hi. I’m a GEISHA, which means I am here to entertain men. Yes, I know I am only seven, but since they put ‘spider’ in front of geisha, no one should find this disturbing.”

“Look how cute being in the military is! Make your top a little sassy and wear heels with your uniform…viola! Being the army is downright sexy, fashionable and fun.”

WTF Target? Is anyone actually thinking before they put this stuff on the shelf?

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