Who won the battle?

My two year old has been sick since Friday with a cough and runny nose. She came down with a fever last night, so we needed to give her some Tylenol. The funny thing about this age is that you can no longer just squirt the liquid stuff down their throat or hide it in their milk. You have to try and reason with them about why they should suck on the yucky grape quick dissolve tablet. Luckily, I was nursing the baby, so my husband took on the task. To say it was comical would be an understatement.

Dan: Anabella you have to take this.

Anabella: NO WAY.

Dan: It will make you feel better. Please.

Anabella: NO WAY.

Repeat five or six times.

Dan tries to force it into her mouth. Anabella tightens lips.

Dan tries to break tablet and force into her mouth. He manages to pry it in between her lips. But then Anabella spits it out on the carpet. (Me: THANKS!) And now she is pissed. And crying.

Dan gets new tablet.

Dan: I am going to put this on the counter and you need to eat it when you are ready.

5 minutes later and the tablet is still untouched….

Dan: Anabella if you take this medicine, you can have a vitamin. (They are gummy bears and she loves them.)

Anabella: NO.

Dan holds vitamin and Anabella tries to grab it.

Dan: Eat this first, then you get the vitamin.

Repeat three more times.

Anabella finally puts tablet in her mouth and grabs vitamin.

Dan: Well, I guess Daddy won that one.

Dan smiles and leaves room.

Anabella spits out remaining tablet on floor and eats vitamin.

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