A few weeks ago I took a trip to Stevens Point, Wisconsin. A place that is in the middle of nowhere. I know this because not only can you not fly directly there, just getting there can be quite a challenge period.

After being stranded in Detroit for a night (this was my view from the airport Westin) …

… I was then stranded at this “airport” (it only had two gates) the next day for a while because we still couldn’t land at our destination. 24 hours after leaving home, I finally arrived at our offices.

The people were all lovely, and I had a great time getting to know coworkers from around the globe (Who also had a hell of a time getting there … some people even had to drive from Chicago and Minneapolis!).

One thing I found very interesting was the abundance of specialty parking.

There were about 10 of these expectant mother parking spots at the front of the building. All empty. And for an employee population of approx. 400 people. I’m guessing there isn’t much to do in the middle of nowhere, so they are just preparing for the inevitable.

I was also completely surprised that one of the handful of restaurants in town was a really good sushi place. Complete with a Japanese sushi chef. Weird.

And here is your bonus photo. On my last day there, it was 11 degrees outside. We rarely see those temps in Texas, so it was fun to get a little “winter” while I was there. (Even though the locals were all running around in short-sleeve shirts talking about how “mild” is was.)

So, to sum it up. Wisconsin, not someplace I would visit for pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Wiscon…where?

  1. Surprisingly very little cheese was offered. They were very proud of the milk though. And I love milk. But during one dinner they brought around huge glasses of it, like we were a bunch of five year olds. It was funny.

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