WTF happened to Rhonda?

It’s been a busy year! I’ve thought of plenty of things to post, but just never get to it. So I’ve put WordPress on my mobile, which will hopefully make it easier.

I’ve enjoyed lots of work travel in the past few months … Japan, New York (twice), and I’m currently in Wisconsin. Brrrrr.

Japan was amazing … in “another world” kind of way. I was a bit of a sideshow, and the culture was shocking (specifically the treatment of women), but it was a lovely island (Okinawa) and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.





Of course the sushi was amazing, as was the Kobe beef, and I tried many things that looked scary because I had a Japanese colleague there to explain the dishes. We didn’t have much time for sightseeing, but did visit a castle … I’ll post photos of that later.

The girls are growing up fast … Anabella asked me last week when she could start dating. I’m like “you are EIGHT!” And Scarlett is involved in a kindergarten love triangle that is proving to be very dramatic. I’m fairly certain their high school years are going to be hell for me.

Heading to Kuala Lumpur next week, so the adventures continue!

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