WTF? Wednesday

I’ve recently been engaged in a text conversation with an 8th grader. He started texting me last week, and well, he won’t stop. Because he doesn’t believe he has the wrong number. WTF? Oh, and this is on my work phone, which isn’t supposed to be able to receive or send text messages in the first place. Somehow Patrick (my texter) has found a way around that. Guess 8th grade is teaching him something — clearly not spelling, but something.

Here is the transcript so far …

Patrick: Wat up

Patrick: R u going to 8th grade game

Patrick: Kale?

Patrick: Hey i will help u with ur hand shake later

Me: You have the wrong number

Patrick: This is patrick how is this the wrog number

Me: You have the wrong person’s number. I am not Kale.

Patrick: Who is this

Me: Rhonda

Patrick: Do you go to this skool mpjh

Me: No. I am a grown up.

Patrick: This kale i know it

Me: The only Kale I know is the vegetable

Patrick: kales a girl

Me: I suggest you find Kale and ask for her correct phone number

Patrick: how old ru

Me: That’s none ya

Patrick: wat?

Me: None ya business

Patrick: why

Me: Patrick, I am sure you are a very nice kid, but please quit texting me

Patrick: why

Patrick: is this kale?

WTF, Patrick? I thought we already established that I’m not Kale!

8 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. THIS IS HILARIOUS……the only Kale I know is a vegie – HA!

    My son keeps getting voice mail from a credit card company looking for someone who probably gave out the wrong number on purpose. I’ve tried calling the company, but they say that they can’t help me, since I don’t know the number they are trying to call – WTF???

  2. Cocotte – I get calls from a company like that too on the same phone. They call every two days and there is no way for me to call them back to stop it. So annoying!

    Heather – LOL. Although that might seem like a threat on a 12 yo and I might get in trouble.

    KB – Someone mean.

    Brian – Probably. Thanks, Kale!

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