WTF? Wednesday

I had a few awesome WTF? pictures to share today, but they will have to wait, as we have more tooth drama to discuss.

Anabella had a lose tooth last night – right next to the other tooth she lost on the bottom. You remember that one. The one that just disappeared at school. The one that never made it home. The one that wasn’t worthy of a note. The first tooth lost that I will never see.

Well, she wakes up this morning and the second tooth has fallen out. But it is no where to be found. Not in the bed, not on the floor. I’m guessing she swallowed it in her sleep?


Seriously, I am so pissed about this. We are totally being screwed out of the whole tooth fairy experience. So I guess the tooth fairy is going to come tonight anyway. And leave a note? What do I do?

4 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. I can finally leave a comment!! WTF WordPress??

    I’d forget about the note and just leave the cash. The tooth fairy is on the same level as God and Santa – she knows if you’ve been bad or good or if you’ve lost a tooth.

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