WTF? Wednesday

Yes, I know I should be ashamed for taking photos while driving, but this HAD to be documented. Please click on the picture to see it larger — then notice what is written on the back of the tank.

“Haulin’ Liquid Chicken” WTF is that? Seriously. LIQUID chicken? So of course I googled it and came across all kinds of interesting things. There’s a band named Liquid Chicken. Urban Dictionary has a listing for “liquid chicken” (eggs). There are several strange videos on YouTube that reference liquid chicken products. Knorr makes a bottled liquid chicken flavor. There’s a liquid chicken fertilizer.

There were also lots of pictures and blog posts about similar trucks (but not this one, so it’s scary that there is a fleet of Liquid Chicken trucks). The thing that threw me off was that all of their photos showed the word “Inedible” somewhere. Mine doesn’t. So I guess it was edible liquid chicken? After visiting several blogs, there still doesn’t seem to be an answer for what is in that tanker.

On a recent trip to Sam’s Club, I came across this gem.

Anti-Money Butt? WTF is monkey butt?

The thing that really intrigued me was the “For Butt Busting Activities” part on the box. So, back to Google to find their website. Here is what they describe as butt-busting activities … truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and extreme sports. Any other activities that give you monkey butt?

9 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. Those are some very strange products. Wouldn’t someone be embarrassed to buy that second product? Talk about obnoxious packaging. Can you imagine if they did something like that for jock itch?

  2. Ewwwww. I really don’t want to know where we’re eating that liquid chicken….

    I, too, have a bottle of anti-monkey butt powder. It was a gift that was part of a long-running monkey joke started by one woman wearing a truly hideous HUGE bejeweled monkey broach.

  3. Hells yes I’ve got a bottle of Monkey Butt… however it’s never been opened… it’s more of a decorative item in my monkey room! I got mine at a truck stop… which apparently is appropriate for one of it’s ideal consumers. Kristy would be correct though… it’s for boys to avoid sweaty ass… and I would assume it helps with sweaty balls as well… so those sweaty dudes can avoid rashes down there! Nice!

    Liquid Chicken? I don’t even want to know!!

    Oh and one more thing… you’re ALWAYS taking pictures while driving!!!

  4. Liquid chicken, isn’t that the stuff they gunk up later to form chicken mcnuggets…? Or maybe they grind up chicken nuggets. Either way won’t touch the stuff.

  5. Cocotte – From the comments below, it looks like all my real-life friends aren’t embarassed to buy it. LOL

    Kim – NOT always. Those photos last week were taken while stopped in traffic. Sort of. 🙂

    Bert – I think you are right on the chicken nuggets. Ugh.

    Secret Agent Woman – ha! Thanks for catching that typo. I have had anti-MONEY butt lately.

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