WTF? Wednesday

A media issue I recently handled at work involved New York’s Office of Unclaimed Property. Afterward, for no reason in particular, I decided to see if Texas had a similar office — and we do ( . Of course I searched my name, and lo and behold, I have unclaimed funds. Woohoo!

Then I saw the amount and was more than a little disappointed.

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ONE cent? WTF? Who the f*ck would even put that in a database? Poor Rhonda is owed $0.01 by University of Houston.

Then I remembered exactly what that penny was about. It was a semester when I dropped a class and that was my tuition “refund.” In fact, even in 1996 I knew that was a WTF? moment and had saved the check because I thought it was so ridiculous.

After a little searching, I present to you my check for one penny.

As ridiculous as this all is, I have found a way to pay it forward — the website allows you to donate your unclaimed funds to charity.

Hopefully this penny issue is resolved forever … although I am sure the charity will be completely underwhelmed by my generosity and will probably have a WTF? moment themselves when they get the check for one penny. HA!

7 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. I have a check for $11 representing 11 shares of AIG stock that was once worth $800 (crica 2007). I am framing it along with my now worthless stock certificate.

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