WTF? Wednesday

This car has been driving around our neighborhood over the past few weeks.

On one hand, it’s cool to see the equipment and how they go about getting the street shots for Google Maps. On the other, it feels a little big brother … the watchful camera is starting to give me the creeps. I’m scared to take the trash out in my PJs. Don’t want to be forever recorded in Google Maps looking like crap!

This sign was at Reliant Stadium for the NCAA tournament. No, I wasn’t there for that cool event. I was there to buy tickets for Toy Story 3 on Ice. (Luckily I don’t actually have to GO … thanks, Grammy!) It’s got the usual suspects for the don’t-bring-this-to-the-stadium list. No weapons or laser pointers. No glass. No banners. But bullet #7 is where they lost me. No costumes … okay … and no CRYSTAL BALLS. Really? This is a problem they’ve had in the past? Lots of fortune tellers sneaking their crystal balls into the Final Four? College students carry crystal balls around these days perhaps dressed in some crazy costume and wielding wire and spikes?


8 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. I think it would be great to hook up something to look like an alien or a ghost for the Google street shot… or maybe just a Wal-mart person!

    They have that same sign at the Toyota Center all the time… they confiscated my crystal ball!

  2. Well of course they were taking up all of the crystal balls. You wouldn’t want anyone letting it out who the winner was going to be. Everyone would have left and the city would have lost all the money that the fans were spending. Duh! 🙂

  3. They had the same sign posted for the U2 concert! The sad thing is? You know the rules had to be posted for a reason. Some moron probably brought in a crystal ball, trying to be all mystical. My guess it was during the Texans season, trying to determine how many games they would win. Or how long it would take before the fans turned on Gary Kubiak AGAIN!

  4. I would be the worst Google car driver, feeling sorry for the homeowners and stopping to move their trash bags so they are not visible, hence not getting my job done in a timely manner. 😉

  5. I really want to know how they define “costume”. Seriously, where is the line between really bad outfit and costume?

    As for the space shuttle – total political crap.

  6. I think I read somewhere that whoever got a shuttle would have to pay the $128 million bill for transport and upkeep. Perhaps that had something to do with it.

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