WTF? Wednesday

I love my pets. I do ridiculous things for my pets. However, I refuse to buy into this.

I’ll spend $1,200 to save the life of an alley cat with a kidney infection (I’m looking at you, Deuce), but I am not serving my cat multi-course meals. I mean seriously, who came up with this idea? Treats, yes. Salad and appetizer courses, no.

This is the sign in front of one of Houston’s finer establishments in a fairly fancy neighborhood. The Diamond Club, formerly known as the Pink Pussycat, is one of Houston’s only all-nude strip clubs. (If you don’t live in Houston, we have no zoning, so that’s how this place is within a mile or so of million dollar homes). Anywho, I noticed the sign to OTC participants (the Offshore Technology Conference), and wondered, if the message is basically “if you can prove that you have a hotel room, you can come in and find a hooker for free”? Are we not a little more discreet these days?!

4 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. This post sent me scurrying off to look up stuff on Wikipedia. I hadn’t heard of zoning before, but it sounds a little dodgy to me. Especially if it would prevent the owners of million-dollar houses easy access to amenities.

    I also hadn’t heard of the Offshore Technology Conference. This also sounds a little dodgy. After all, shouldn’t they be holding it, em, offshore? Or do offshore zoning regulations prevent them building strip clubs on oil rigs?

  2. That area of Richmond always has the best signs. (Pappadeaux, Kyhber, Diamond Club…)

    Our rig workers used to sunbathe in thongs on the helipad and smuggle in porn, I’m told. However these days they’re expected to act like perfect gentlemen. What kind of world is this turning into?

  3. As a matter of fact there is a school less than a mile of ye ol Diamond Club. Personally I just want them to bring back their… much more clever signs… about the ugly chick that works there! I hadn’t noticed the OTC sign yet… but the one before that one is telling people to friend them on FB! HA!

    Dixie LOVES those Fancy Feast meals… mostly just likes the liquid part… but loves them just the same!

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