WTF? Wednesday

Since when did dogs get so fancy and important? I was booking our dogs at the kennel and they asked me if I would like to pay extra for “5-star service”. I had already booked them in a “climate-controlled room” with a patio, so I was curious to hear what was better than that. You know, for a DOG.

Their 5-star service included extra playtime, special treats (graham crackers with mashed potatoes and meat – yuk) and … being READ A STORY AT BEDTIME.


5 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. I’ve done extra playtime, but the only time I went for the full monty – bedtime stories, bed, etc was when my mother banished Freeway from the house for my sister’s wedding because “he might hurt the dress” Apparently, the three doors between the 13 year old dog and the dress weren’t going to be adequate. They felt guilty, so they paid for the boarding. Biggest boarding bill EVER. (I know, I’m evil)

  2. I’m sure they do spa services too. But we didn’t get that far. The laughter from my end probably put a stop to the upgrade talk. 🙂

    And NO, Omar, I didn’t do it! I had to save those pennies for Disney.

    KB, I did do one extra playtime, but don’t tell Omar.

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