WTF? Wednesday

On the way to work yesterday, I witnessed a man try to avoid rear-ending someone on the freeway, but instead he flipped his SUV twice and then landed facing traffic in the freeway adjacent to the one we were on. It was beyond surreal and upsetting to watch the entire thing happen before my eyes.

But, even more disturbing, was that the police officer in the lane next to me, DID NOT STOP. I was completely dumbfounded. He didn’t even slow down. And he definitely saw the accident because he was one lane closer and about two car lengths behind me.

I slowed down to let him pass me, so I could give him a WTF look, but he didn’t look in my direction. So, I wrote down his car number, but now what do I do? I don’t think a call to the police station would do much. My friend Tracie suggested calling one of the local news stations. As she pointed out, Transtar probably has video of the entire thing.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. Well now, that is extremely interesting! I suppose he could have been headed to the exit to turn around and get back on going the other direction?? But it does make you wonder??

    We witnessed an accident in the center of town two weekends ago. My husband was pumping gas and we saw a car veer out of control in the intersection and ram into a tree. He ran over to help the elderly couple in the car and I called 911. My husband was surprised no one else got out of their cars to help, but just sat there looking…..I think people are afraid. Might do a post on this!

    But back to you…..I think I’d call the police dept and question why a patrol car would leave the scene of an accident and see what they have to say? Glad you got the number down, which proves you DID see this!

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