WTF? Wednesday

Really? Are we wearing bandanas around our necks again?

The story behind this photo is almost as funny as a dude sporting a bandana 1800s style. I am pulling into the bank when I see this guy. Of course, I’m all “is that guy wearing a bandana around his neck?!” He heads inside, I quickly jump out of my car and go inside. I’m just about to snap a photo when the super attentive bank rep jumps up and asks to help me. She ushers me into her cubicle and we start talking about a car loan. She is putting my information in the computer, and I try to be stealth and put my phone up to take a photo before Bandana Man disappears. I look back at her, and she is looking at me with this huge smile on her face. Then she whispers “what are you doing?” Clearly we are now girlfriends. “That guy is wearing a bandana. Around his neck. Like a necklace. I have to take a photo for my blog.” She looks and says “has anyone even BOUGHT a bandana since 1980?” And we both giggle. Of course, he is probably a lovely man, and I’m going to hell for making fun. But seriously. A bandana?

Make your own speed limit?

This sign has been blank since January. It would almost be fun to get pulled over, because clearly the speed limit is somewhere between 30 and 70. And the crazy part is there are cops on this stretch of road all the time. Surely they’ve noticed the blank speed limit sign? WTF?

3 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. WHO puts up a speed limit sign with no limit?? That is a true WTF sign!

    My kids own some bandanas, but I swear I didn’t buy any of them. They must have picked them up along the way at school for wacky themed days. That’s hilarious that you had to be sneaky taking the photo.

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