WTF? Wednesday

WTF Monkeys
I saw this billboard last week and was struck by the hear-see-speak-no-evil monkey cameo. Who doesn’t love monkeys … but do they say “high-end jewelry” to you?

And this is high-end. According to the website, this lovely cameo ring will set you back $3,100.

This is Anabella’s homework from last night. Anabella is in second grade. Her mommy had/has NO idea what the answer to this question is. WTF? Elementary school – 1. Rhonda – 0.

Lost message
Drove under this on the freeway a few days ago. All I could think was “one more letter and I would be paying attention to your message and not the fact that you are clearly an idiot.” If you are going to spend this much time, while also risking your life and jail time, why not go ahead and spell all the words correctly?

6 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday

  1. I googled it, Bijoux, and you are correct. Congrats! You would pass the 2nd grade, while I would be held back a year.

    RALPH! That made me really LOL, KB. 😉

    I love your place, Kim! I said monkeys didn’t say “high-end JEWELRY” to me.

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