WTF? Wednesday

I was recently reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the new trend in socks … which is apparently super fancy and expensive  (yeah, I’m not sure what attracted me to the story either). This is one of the sock lines they showcased:


I wasn’t really buying the fancy sock thing anyway, but now they’ve completely lost me. I’m not a particularly fancy girl … except when it comes to purses and sunglasses … but I can assure you that cured meat does not scream “fancy.” If you paid $10 for these, you are a dumbass.

Also recently came across this chair while looking for some new family room furniture.

Womb chair

Really? The WOMB chair? First, I think I find that sort of gross and offensive (and I can guarantee a woman did not name this chair). Second, how proud are they of this thing? $3K for an ugly red chair. WTF?

And finally, I found this gem on Facebook:


Why didn’t I come up with this? I am totally inspired to carry chalk in my car. I’ll keep it right next to these.

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