WTF? Wednesday

Hang it up, Devo
These guys made an appearance on a daytime talk show recently, and all I could focus on was their strange outfits and face/head gear. Their music wasn’t very impressive either — do they even have any other hits besides “Whip it!” ??

The Birds
So I have no issues with tattoos. I also have no qualms with birds. But this lady had the same bird tattoo in 5 places on her body. Either she is the most unoriginal tatted person ever, or this bird made a very significant impact on her life. (Sorry I couldn’t get photos of the other 3, but I was in the security line at the airport.)

Put Some Clothes On
So, I’ve seen the Naked Cowboy on Good Morning America, but I didn’t realize it was his “job.” He was in Times Square all three days I was in NYC last month. WTF? Is this really a full-time gig? If so, I guess that explains why he doesn’t have any CLOTHES.

WTF? Pet Peeve of the Week
Please someone explain to me how by any stretch of the imagination any sane person considers a Ford Expedition a COMPACT CAR???!!! WTF???

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