Zoo Day goes Rated X

On Sunday, we had incredibly gorgeous weather, so we decided to take the girls to the zoo. I was a little hesitant because a baby elephant died last week and Anabella always looks forward to seeing him. Luckily, three-year olds are easily distracted by leaves or pigeons or whatever, so we didn’t have to deal with the death issue this trip.

All of the animals were out enjoying the cool weather. I even managed to get most of them to look right at me for a photo.

Does anyone else watch Meercat Manor? We love that show and our zoo has a really cool Meercat exhibit.

The big cats are usually hiding mid-day, but they were all out lounging around on Sunday. Look at the paws on this big boy.

Only in Texas would you find an armadillo on the carousel. And look at Anabella’s face … she cracks me up.

Oh, and just so you know. Sunday is Leather-Pants-For-Dads Day at the zoo. WTF?

Okay, here is the real zoo scoop. This is a very bad monkey.

I could skip the monkeys all-together, but Anabella loves them (probably something about sharing a love of playing with poo). Anyway, this monkey was acting all freaky, so I ask Dan “what is he doing?” Within seconds it became VERY clear what he was doing, so we steered Anabella in the other direction.

As we get to the other side of the cage Mr. Spank lives in, there he is again, plopped down in front of the crowd. Before I could even ask if it was the same monkey, Dan, Anabella and Scarlett were off to the next exhibit. I decide to take this picture (so I could blog about him) and before I get my eye away from the lens, Mr. Spank starts up again … and “finishes” his business. That’s right, I got a telephoto view of the whole event.

And really, this is all my friend Halle’s fault. Just last Friday she was telling me that she and her husband were reading my blog and she couldn’t think of anything worse than getting blue poo water on yourself.
Well, guess what? Watching a monkey enjoy a happy ending is worse than blue poo water. I can’t even believe I am saying that, but seriously people, I was very disturbed and now have that burned in my mind forever.

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