All my crushes

Several of my celebrity crushes were mingling on TV last week. First, Jon Stewart was on David Letterman (I have lots of love for both of them) – and they were totally hysterical together, as I would have guessed. (Side note: Poor Dan tried to get some “quality” time with me during the interview and I was all like “But JON STEWART is on DAVID LETTERMAN – I have to watch this.”) Later in the week, Justin Timberlake was on Jon Stewart. Another double dip of happiness for me.

Then I started thinking, I have really weird taste. I mean put those three up next to each other and it’s definitely a mixed bag. Especially when you add in some of my others, like Tom Colicchio and Dwayne Johnson.

Who do you all crush on?

7 thoughts on “All my crushes

  1. Well, I will admit that Tom Colicchio has grown on me and now I find him quite adorable. I’m not all that interesting though; I still think Johnny Depp is #1 in Hotness. And I have a little thing for Johnny Rzeznick, lead singer of the GooGoo Dolls.

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