Cuteness abounds … then retreats

I have found myself a bit overwhelmed by Anabella lately. One moment she is sweetest, most adorable child ever. The next, I expect her head to do a 360 in some crazy Linda-Blair-style rampage.

Cute stuff
She was very excited about Valentine’s Day, so we spent Friday night slowly going through all the valentines she received in her MDO program. We made valentine cards for everyone in the family on Saturday, and Sunday we spent several hours decorating cookies for a tea party we hosted yesterday for a few of her friends.

Look at those cute little tea cups. And she sweetly poured tea for everyone (including mommy) and made sure their cups stayed filled.

Not-so-cute stuff
At some point, she snuck into my bedroom and squirted toothpaste all over the carpet again. (And no, I hadn’t taken Bee and Kim’s advice and switched to white yet!)

She threw temper tantrums at nap and bedtime every day this weekend … six total, since I had yesterday off. (I can’t tell you how glad I am not to be home for nap time today!)

She also somehow managed to get her hand on some kiddie scissors and decided to give her sister a haircut. Luckily she only trimmed one perfect lock of hair. (Right at the root though! I can only imagine the damage that could have been done.) But I am going to throw it in the baby book and call it “Baby’s first haircut.” That will be a good story for later, right?

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