Fun with Stats

It’s been a long time since I looked over a Stat Counter report for my blog, but after careful review today I came to two conclusions.

1. Some of the searches that brought people to my site are funny, and some are incredibly disturbing….

Funny: “crazy baby sitter”

Disturbing: “rotting dog corpses pictures” (I promise I don’t have any…don’t ask me how this search turned up my blog!)

Funny: “throwing up barfing vomiting puking”

Disturbing: “sauerkraut juice” (Only Omar’s friend is supposed to care about skj!)

Funny: “accidentally took 2 prenatal vitamins”

Disturbing: “Elmo cursing” (Is their Elmo cursing at them or vice versa?)

2. When you look at the pages these searches pulled up, it’s some of the funnier stories on my blog…kind of a “Best of” The B.S. Cafe.

My babysitter eating a pound of salami, letting my dog eat baby puke, my husband accidentally taking my prenatal vitamins….it really doesn’t get any better!

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