Happy 2010!

Ahhh, it’s over. Fun, but exhausting sums up our holiday experience.

Christmas 2009 — in numbers:

1 – Days I’ve been at work since 12/18 (two half-days)
2 – Movies seen (Avatar and Up in the Air — both good!)
3 – Presents I bought for myself
4 – Number of days I had to shop for all of my gifts
5 – Play dates Anabella had last week (good thing we like the same people)
6 – Bags of trash at curb on 12/26 (sorry, environment!)

20+ – Times Anabella took something away from Scarlett the two weeks I was at home
1 – Times Scarlett bit Anabella on the BUTT for doing it (on Christmas day no less)

P.S. Did you notice the new blog banner? I think it’s funny, but one of my coworkers (and the guy who drew the coffee mug) says it’s disgusting. Thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Happy 2010!

  1. I like the banner, and I vote for both funny and disgusting. For some reason the border on the right hand side isn't rendering properly on my Firefox 3.0 (Linux) set up – perhaps it's just me.

  2. Cocotte – Happy New Year!

    Kim – yes, it is. 😉

    Heather – That was Stephen's idea.

    Brian – I will try to fix that. Thanks!

    KB – Thanks!

    Lu – I think all their products taste like poop.

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