Happy Halloween

Just a few photos from what I am now calling the “best kid party ever” last Saturday (thanks Kathy and Peyton!). Between the DJ, disco ball and dance floor, karaoke, endless food and candy … my kiddos didn’t want to leave. I had to drag them out at 7:45 (the party officially ended at 7:00)!

So, Happy Halloween! This is year is a little different because Anabella has moved into a new stage of costumes … gone are the sweet costumes of years 1 -6.

As you can see from the face painting she chose at the party, she is now more about the scary. This year her costume is “Vampire Princess”. Not sure what the hell that is exactly, but she has a pretty, Goth-looking dress along with vampire teeth and blood.

Sweet Scarlett is still all sugar and spice and everything nice.

She is going as Tangled (Rapunzel) this year. Pictures tomorrow!

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