(I realize I need to hire a real designer, but this will have to do for now.)

I’ve noticed many people do a “Thursday Thirteen” or “Friday Five,” so I’ve decided to start “What the F*ck?” Wednesday to explore all the things in the world that baffle me. And seeing as how I am often perplexed at people/events/products/commercials/etc., I will probably never run out of material.

So, week one of “What the F*ck?” Wednesday is…

Taco Bell’s Fourth Meal

What is Taco Bell thinking? We are still the fattest nation in the world, right? Obesity rates are still rising, correct? So some marketing genius decides that we need to encourage people to eat yet another meal…in the middle of the night…and at Taco Bell? Fried tortillas and cheese and lard and other crap at 3 a.m. Yes, I think that is what we all need.

What the F*ck?

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