It tastes like cardboard, but…

My company does a lot of work with our local food bank, so last week my department spent an afternoon filling bags of food for school children (who are participants in the school lunch program) to eat over the weekend. It was very rewarding…and sad…but then, as always, I found some humor in the situation.

We were walking by the rows and rows of food, when I noticed several HUGE boxes full of NutriSystem food.

These pictures don’t do the boxes justice….they are like 6 feet wide by 5 foot deep, and filled to the top with crappy NutriSystem food. (And I can say that because I tried NutriSystem earlier this year and made it for about a week before I couldn’t handle it any more. Of course I didn’t think to throw my extras in the food bank barrel at the grocery store…mine went directly into the trash can.)

So, I never got the chance to ask, but I wonder if they are distributing this food to the hungry. (If you’ve never had NutriSystem food, let me explain that nothing requires refrigeration…not the hamburgers or the chicken or the fish…think MRE, but not as tasty.)

What do you think? Would you be pissed if you got a box of diet food from the food bank?

On a side note…kudos to Continental Airlines. They are now boxing up all the uneaten snacks and sending them to the food bank (they used to throw them out!). So the kiddos got some good snacks…peanuts, raisins, granola bars, cookies and the occasional snack-sized candy…that they weren’t getting before.

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