Joyeux Anniversaire! Chronia Pola! Hau`oli la hanau! Isten eltessen!

Happy Birthday weekend to me! It used to really stink always having a birthday on Memorial Day weekend, but now I just choose to believe that my birthday is a national holiday. Go me. So, since I am all knocked up, the plan is to get a major sugar high. I might even eat my entire cake. Which would amuse the hell out of my friend Kelly and give her a new story about me and pastry. (Her current favorite story is how I ate a whole pumpkin pie one Thanksgiving.)

So anyway, here’s a fun way for us all to celebrate. The first person who can tell me what four languages I have used to say “Happy Birthday” in the title of this post, will win a prize. Don’t ask me what the prize is…I just decided to do this…but it will probably be some birthday gift that I don’t dig very much. My trash is your treasure. 😉

I probably won’t post again until Tuesday (it’s not like anyone is reading blogs this weekend anyway), but before I sign off, I would like to say HAPPY, HAPPY birthday to No Cool Story, who happens to be my EXACT same age…37…ummm, I mean 29. And to my loved ones who also share a May 28th birthday…sweet little Lauren, my aunt Cynthia, and my sister-in-law Stephanie…Happy Birthday to you all!!

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