Just another day in …

I was hoping today would be all flowers and sunshine and rainbows …. especially after the events of last week, but instead it was just more blah and scorching 100+ degree weather.

Driving in to work I hear the OxyClean guy died, and all I could think was that I hope I don’t get sucked into watching a tribute to him. I spent a few hours over the weekend learning more about MJ and FF, and I should probably be spending that time with the kiddos. Plus, the Bachlorette is on tonight and I have to see what that douche bag Wes is up to this week.

Layoffs are over, but everyone is still in a funk around here. I tried to hold the elevator for a woman this morning, but it nearly chopped off my arm. The woman who was already on the elevator with me chimed “Ha ha! Too bad, so sad!” I must have given her quite the look, because she spent the next 35 flights telling me the nice things she had done lately, which she said gave her karma credits. Uh huh.

So, I need some happy news, blog friends. What is HAPPY in your life this week?

P.S. What’s Scarlett balancing on her head today? Tupperware!

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