Me — In Numbers

Stealing Borrowing an idea from Omar today … he won’t mind and he’s probably not reading this post anyway.

So here is what I have been up to since last Wednesday “by the numbers:”

6 – NCAA basketball games I watched (53 – Number of brackets I need to “grade” tonight for the pool I am participating in)

5 – Bottles of champagne consumed on Sunday for J√©anne’s birthday (I had help!)

4 – Massages I’ve had since last Thursday (I canceled a membership at Massage Envy and was forced to use the stockpile … poor me.)

3 – Trips to Target (and subsequently, to Starbucks … so much for quitting that habit)

2 – Birthday parties attended (One at Jumpin‘ Jungle, but that didn’t include champagne. Unfortunately.)

1 – Number of amazing things Scarlett did at breakfast on Sunday (She was playing with a fork … banging it on the table mainly … then she starts stabbing eggs and eating off of it like she had been doing it for years.) Pictures? Of course!

— The B.S. Cafe is now serving the certainty that Scarlett is, in fact, a gifted child. Stabbing with the fork AND “enrolling.” Go ahead and look that up. I had to.

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