Oh Happy Saturday

I was exceptionally happy today and here is why…

1. ) Anna Nicole Smith is finally buried. I know it won’t be the end of all the media craziness, but it’s nice that she has finally had a funeral. Who knows what really went on between her and her mother, but personally I find her mom to be selfish and kind of crazy. If you buy yourself a grave plot, it’s pretty clear that is where you want to be buried. And what kind of mother would leave her child in a morgue for three weeks while she fights to bury Anna Nicole someplace she didn’t even want to live? I love Texas, but Mexia is a shit hole, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be buried there. Heck, I would take the Bahamas as my final resting place over Texas any day of the week.

2.) My self-cleaning oven…what an incredible invention! I guess it gets as hot as a crematorium in that thing, because it was covered in goo and crusted stuff….then voila! Just a few ashy stains remained, which I wiped off with a paper towel, and it looked brand new. I am in total amazement. Oh how happy it makes me when I don’t have to clean something myself.

3.) Spring in Texas. Today was frickin‘ gorgeous! A nice wind, clear skies and 70 degrees. I sat outside and watched the ducks on the lake, read a book, and got a little sun. We only have about 10 days a year when you can actually sit outside for more than 15 minutes, so it was a day to be treasured.

Clearly, I am very easy to please.

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