Oprah called!

A few weeks ago, very late at night, I came upon a future show topic on the Oprah website…the dilemma being “is motherhood boring?” Apparently Oprah caught me at just the right time, because I ranted for several paragraphs about how I KNEW motherhood was boring, listing several reason why I myself was bored with it, blah blah blah…then I hit the submit button, and off my opinions went.

Well, they called this past week…how crazy is that? It sent me into a real tailspin…first, I was pretty excited…then, it was total panic. Could I actually get up on TV, in front of millions and millions of people, and say that being a mom is BORING? I know that it can be, and I know lots of women feel the same way, but could I really be the a*hole that stands up and says it? (I already have a hard enough time fitting in at the MOMs Club!) 🙂

But, I wouldn’t mind tickets to the show….

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