So much for setting goals

NaBloPoMo was just a little too industrious for me at this point in time. I really liked the idea, but I don’t know that I would have had something interesting to say every day. It probably would have been a lot of bitching and moaning, so I really did you guys a huge favor by blowing it.

So, let’s talk about Facebook. I finally broke down and joined last week. (I am helping our HR dept start a fan page, so I felt the need to actually get on and use it.) And, as previously suspected, I am not enjoying the FB as much as other people seem to. While I have been friended by some very cool people from the past, I have also been friended by some people I never liked or didn’t know very well in high school … and that would be 20 years ago. WTF? At this very moment, I have a friend request from someone that I don’t even remember. Don’t I have to draw a line somewhere? Or do I just say whatever and friend everyone? It seems like some people do that. (The people with 500 friends!)

I also have some friends who play LOTS of games, so when I find a few minutes to log in, I am bombarded by crap like “so and so found a lost kitten and is putting it up for adoption” or “so and so is playing Farkle.” (What is Farkle?) One person even took a bunch of tests that kept telling her she was “beautiful” and she was making comments about how great and wonderful said tests were. Gag.

It will get less annoying over time I’m sure, but I think I am just more of a Twitter girl.

6 thoughts on “So much for setting goals

  1. You can block that kind of crap from showing up on your… uh… list or whatever the f*ck they call it. When you see something you don't want to see in the future from that person there is a little (kinda hidden) HIDE button that you can click. I'd give you more details about exactly how to find it… but I can't get in at work… and I'm not on often enough to remember how of the top of my head!

    But I agree… TOO many people spend WAY TOO much time on there. Like I really give a shit if you're about to brush your teeth or go to bed. Do you really want to know every time I have to take a dump? Cuz I might just start telling you!! (Obvioulsy that wasn't directed at you Rho… it was directed at all the losers that feel the need to tell us what they are doing every other minute… ANNOYING)!!

  2. I completley agree, the game stuff is annoying, the test stuff is annoying and the meaningless drivel is annoying. Staying in touch with people around the country that I don't get to see as much as I'd like is cool.

    It is easy to hide all the annoying things you don't want to see (Zoo crap; Farmville crap, etc). Hover your mouse to the right of the offending update and a little "Hide" button pops up. You can choose to hide the person or the appliciation. Poof…no more lost sheep.

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