That’s not fooling anybody

In February, I bought Dan a Meyer Lemon tree for his birthday. He loves lemons, and I’ve discussed before, he is really hard to buy for, so it was the perfect gift. He has been babying it ever since and moved it from the pot to the yard earlier this summer.

lemon tree

It’s doing well and has plenty of fruit growing, but we noticed that the black birds were pecking at the lemons. Dan said he could cure the problem, and being that he was raised on a farm, I figured he had it under control.

Silly me. You would think I would have learned by now.  This is Dan’s resolution to the problem.


An owl. Sitting in the pool chair … getting some rays.

I’m sure the black birds are terrified.


3 thoughts on “That’s not fooling anybody

  1. That’s funny! Our Meyer lemon is just about the only thing in our garden that DOESN’T get eaten by birds, squirrels, raccoons and who knows what else… (I’d recommend old CDs strung from fishing line in the tree to scare birds away)

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