The Good, the bad and the ugly – part 2

The Bad.

While I was in Miami, Dan took Deuce (my cat) to a “farm” (a guy Dan works with lives on several acres and has a barn). Yes, he had been pissing in the house, and we had discussed our options for dealing with it, but I didn’t expect him to vanish while I was out of town. (In Dan’s defense, he thought it would be easier on me that way.)

The girls had said their goodbyes, so I resisted the urge to demand Deuce’s immediate return (take him away and then bring him back, only to potentially take him away again if we couldn’t resolve the pissing issue?), but after a week I couldn’t stand it anymore. So they tried to retrieve him, but apparently Deuce didn’t get along very well with the barn cats and was nowhere to be found.

I’ve been back over there several times looking for him, and I’ve put an alert in with the local animal control facilities … but I am heartbroken. I feel like I failed him. And I will forvever wonder where he is and what is happening to him.

2 thoughts on “The Good, the bad and the ugly – part 2

  1. It’ll get easier… I know this from experience. I KNOW that Dexter is in a loving home where he is the King of the Castle and his new owners love him as much as I did. So I KNOW Duece wandered off and ran into some kids that dragged him home and begged their parents to keep the nice kitty… where he is now King of the Castle!!

    And neither of the little f*ckers are pissing on their new owners carpets, beds, floors or owners!!

  2. That is so sad and I’m very sorry. It’s likely Deuce is wondering why Dan did that to him and that you’re likely pissed! I picture him fine on his new adventure. Cat’s love exploring!

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