The Invisible Man did it

Hope you all like kindergarten stories, because I feel like I am going to have a lot of them.

Last night when I got home, Dan tells me there is a note for me in Anabella’s backpack. As I pulled out her folder and read the following, she ran over, grabbed my leg and started crying hysterically.

The Invisible Man cut her shoelace. Of course, I started to laugh, but she was really upset. I’m not sure if it was a “note to your mom” comment or if she just thought I was going to be really pissed that she cut the shoelace on her new “Twinkle Toes” — but somehow I wound up feeling like a horse’s ass.

So as you can see from today’s entry, we have a teacher conference at 3:30. Guess I can inquire as to how the Invisible Man (that bastard!) was dealt with and how we can save my child from all that anxiety next time.

The other child

I don’t want Scarlett to look back at this blog in 10 years and think it was all about Anabella. This picture was taken last week — with her black eye (she fell off my bed) and her pig tails (she almost has enough hair). She demanded that I “take a picture of my tongue” – so here it is.

7 thoughts on “The Invisible Man did it

  1. Damn invisible man, always causing problems. Tell Anabella I’ll help her kick his butt (or whatever word is more appropriate for a 5 year old). He’s always hiding my stuff.

  2. Cocotte – the post on the outcome of conference is coming soon. Drama already! Oh, and Scarlett loved the black eye. Dan started calling her “Boxer” and asking her if she wanted to fight. To which she would reply “YES!” and then put up her dukes.

    Kristy – he’s a new menace. Usually Scarlett is the culprit.

    Omar – Smiley faces are about getting your work done and being good little minions.

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