Things that make me happy today

Well, between all of my pregnancy complaints and PoopGate 2007, I have still managed to find extreme joy this past week.

My new luv-er, Mr. iPhone
The hubby bought me an iPhone as a “thanks for having my baby” gift. I have to give him major kudos, because it almost makes the acid reflux, lack of sleep, weight gain, itchy rash, and numerous other maladies worthwhile. Mr. iPhone has all kinds of fabulous tricks up his sleeve, and playing with him is an almost orgasmic experience. If you have an inclination to buy one, especially now that the price has been lowered, I say “DO IT!” Mr. iPhone will rock your world.

Flipping Out
TV is finally coming back. I know a lot of you are “too busy” or “too smart” to watch TV, but I’m not. I love TV, especially the entertaining and mostly mindless stuff. My favorite show of the moment is “Flipping Out” on Bravo. It’s the perfect combo of home improvement and reality. Jeff flips gorgeous multi-million dollars houses in California, but he also has OCD, ADHD, narcissistic personality disorder, and anger management issues. What could be more perfect? Oh yeah, he’s good looking and gay and has a flock of assistants that are non-stop entertaining. So you get cool house ideas coupled with a totally fabulous nut job who says stuff like this…

(Putting in his drink order at lunch) “Ideally, I’d like 75% lemonade, 10% fruit punch and 15% Sprite. If they don’t have lemonade, then do 75% fruit punch and 25% Sprite. If they don’t have fruit punch, then do 75% lemonade and 25% Sprite.” The final episode aired last night, but they are replaying the entire season, so check it out. I promise it will not disappoint.

Half-naked, headless men
I saw this billboard recently, and not only did I nearly wreck trying to get a good look (Way to go, Abercrombie! Finally, some decent female porn.), but then my friend Kelly tells me this is the view from her new office. Lucky bitch. I know the picture isn’t great, but you get the idea. A perfect, but headless body…genius.

Think there is any chance I can convince Abercrombie & Fitch to put one in my backyard so I have something to look at over the next 6 to 8 weeks? I mean, besides my sweet, new baby (who will be here in just 5 days!) of course.

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