“What the f*ck?” Friday

It’s all Dan’s fault this is late. Believe me, I am thinking “WTF?” all day every day, I just haven’t had time to post about it. (But he is home today, so he’s totally forgiven!)

So here’s two-weeks worth of “WTF?” stuff.

I’ve been worried about Swine Flu all week, and what I really should be thinking about is Shingles?

Ummm, maybe you are still a BACHELOR, because you can’t spell and you don’t even take the time to spell check before you emboss your car.

Hmmmm. Is a comment really necessary? Maybe if we left the head on the priest it wouldn’t seem so … you know.

Dear Range Rover: Why does my car love Nickelback so much? Nickelback is never playing and 96.5 is not an all-Nickelback station. How about giving me my Money-back for the piece of crap satellite radio that doesn’t know the difference between Nickelback and Taylor Swift?

P.S. What’s Scarlett sitting on today?

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