“What the F*ck?” Wednesday

It’s all about my health this week. I started working out again, had a mammogram, and last night I began using those foot pad things you see advertised on TV. (Who knows if they really work, but I guarantee that I am chocked full of toxins, so they certainly can’t hurt.)

And here is the result…

Eeeek! WTF? I knew I was toxic, but this is just plain nasty. Hopefully the next pad won’t be so scary.

And this is what they made me wear for my mammogram.

WTF? No, really, WTF? A purple cape?

It’s already a pretty humiliating process, and no one should ever have to see their girls in those positions, so could you just give me a hospital gown or something plain? I didn’t enjoy feeling like a half-naked, grape-flavored super hero/fashion victim.

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