“What the F*ck?” Wednesday

Has anyone figured out WTF goes on in the mind of a three year old? The two’s were pretty crazy…with the new baby and lots of temper tantrums and such…but as we approach three, I find that I am completely baffled by Anabella about 50% of the time.

Every day is a new slate when it comes to how things in Anabella’s world should work. Did it work great yesterday? Tough sh*t. We are doing it completely different today.

For instance, Anabella is usually perfectly content to have her apples cut up. Today? NO. NO MOMMY! She wants the whole apple and there will be hell to pay if I get near it with a cutting utensil. Fine, so I hand her the apple.

About 10 minutes later, she declares she is done.

WTF? Not only did you not eat the apple, you mauled it to the point that no one else is going to eat the rest of it.

I would also like to know WTF is up with this? Based on my calculations, depending on how many nuggets you buy, the ratio of nugget to sauce fluctuates wildly and with no mathematical reasoning applied. Seems like a pretty random “policy” to me. If I buy two 10-piece meals instead of 1 20-piece and return that extra sauce that you think I don’t need, will you give me 10 cents (plus tax) back? Idiots.

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